Award Submission Form

All the following are required for successful submission of your award application.  Please select the appropriate region for the award and the correct award. 
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Award submissions should be in a single PDF file organized as described in the award criteria.   Scanned files should be optimized to reduce file size.  File size cannot exceed 4MB.  Files in the incorrect format may be rejected. Files submitted after the due date may be rejected.  Due dates are found in the nomination documents.  Upon successful uploading of the packet you will receive an email to the address above confirming receipt.  If not received please check your junk or spam folder.  You may also check with the person responsible for the awards.   Note:  Dissertation and Thesis applications require a nomination letter and the dissertation/thesis to be submitted separately both documents are required. 

PLEASE, NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN THE FILENAME (e.g. ',-\"/#%).  Special characters may cause your file not to be accepted.  Please limit your filename to letters, numbers, spaces, and the underscore character.  Files cannot exceed 4MB.  Be sure to reduce file sizes for scanned images.

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